Cricket Betting Tips at JohnnyBet


The Cricketing year is a busy one with Test Matches, the World Cup, Ashes, Wisden Trophy, IDO Series and more. It’s becoming more popular than ever and as TV and internet coverage improves around the world, an increasing number of people can keep up with the Cricket calendar.

The internet has also made it simpler to place bets on the Cricket, or indeed any other sporting event, with lots of quality bookmakers offering odds on the outcome of games, as well as top Bowlers, Batsmen, Series winners and so on. Now due to a special partnership between cricnepal and JohnnyBet, finding the best tips on what Cricket bets to make has become easier. JohnnyBet is one of the top online sites to find sports betting tips, with quality advice posted for free every day.

JohnnyBet tipsters come from around the world, each one sharing their detailed knowledge with the community of readers, as well as each other. Anyone who has followed all the tips provided will have seen a huge return on their bets, and would have consistently beaten the bookmakers for a great profit.

Daily competitions can boost bankrolls even further, while a Tipsters League rewards the most consistent and profitable contributors with a share of a monthly prize of €2,000, plus a 10% boost to their profit margins. So anyone posting tips will not only benefit from sharing their advice with the community and following the tips of others, they can also win a big prize at the end of the month.

JohnnyBet is always happy for new tipsters to register and start posting their advice for the benefit of all contributors and readers. Daily Cricket tips can be followed, but many other sports are also featured on JohnnyBet, and even readers who have no interest in Boxing, for example, will be able to profit by closely following the advice given on the site. Daily tipping guides include what to wager on, the online sportsbook offering the best odds and a suggested bet amount.

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