Dream Fapla

Fapla Cricket Ground

What is Dream Fapla?

Dream Fapla is a movement to build the international stadium in Dhangadi. The team leaded by Subash Shahi consists of Forest Administrator, Local Political leaders, Journalists, Local businessman, personalities involved in cricket for a long time and all representatives of the concerned authority.

Dream Fapla is registered as a non profit organization in district administration office of Kailali following the rules and regulation of Nepal Government.

What is the objective of Dream Fapla?

The main objective of Dream Fapla is to construct 40,000 seater cricket stadium in Dhangadi within time span of five years which will boost the region financially and socially. With this clear vision is moving forward and majority of important works have been already accomplished.

Donate Now

Donate online via Paypal/Cricnepal to help build the FAPLA International Cricket Stadium in Fapla, Dhangadhi.