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ACC introduces a new tournament

Just Nepali Cricket – Asian Cricket Council (ACC) initiated a new tournament and renamed the other existing tournaments for the year 2014. ACC Championship 2014 is a new tournament added by ACC to be held in UAE from 7th-14th December 2014. Top four team of the ACC Premier League, earlier known as ACC Trophy will compete in that tournament.

The ACC divided all Associate ACC nations to three divisions. There will be a Premier, Challenge and Emerging division, which consist six teams each. Top two team of the junior division will be promoted and bottom two team will be relegated in lower division. Nepal is in Premier Division of ACC. Revised tournaments are for the senior team, U-19 team, U-19 team and female senior team. U-19 female team is not included in this program for now.

Moreover, Asian Games will continue to include cricket though the game will be played in Incheon City of South Korea.

It is a good move which will bring in much more competitive cricket for Asian teams. As per the present rankings the teams in 3 divisions will be

Premier: UAE, Nepal, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Hong Kong & Oman
Challenge: Kuwait, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Bahrain & Bhutan
Emerging: China, Myanmar, Brunei, Qatar, Thailand & Iran.

ACC Tournaments for Nepal in the year 2014 are as follows:-

1. ACC U-19 Asia Cup 2014 (Venue: UAE, Date: 28th December 2013 – 4th January 2014)
(50 overs a side)
2. ACC Women’s Premier 2014 (Venue: Thailand, Date: 11th – 18th February 2014)
(40 overs a side)
3. ACC Premier League 2014 ((Venue: Malaysia, Date: 4th – 10th May 2014)
(50 overs a side)
4. ACC U-16 Premier 2014 (Venue: Malaysia, Date 17th – 25th August 2014)
(50 overs a side)
5. Asian Games 2014 (Venue: South Korea, September 19th – October 4th 2014)
(20 overs a side)
6. ACC U-19 Premier 2014 (Venue: Kuwait, Date: 7th – 15th November 2014)
(50 overs a side)
7. ACC Championship 2014 (Venue: UAE, Date: 7th – 14th December 2014)
(2 day game)