Let’s Unite, Let’s Live this Moment Forever!!

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    Cricnepal, Kathmandu

    History will be made again and again, success will be achieved time and again but the taste of a first glory remains forever. Playing a world cup was a dream, it was an impossible task for many people few years back. But now, we are just moments away from realizing the dream, it has really been a “dream come TRUE” for us. What we need to do now is to cheer the present moment as it is often said “forget your past, enjoy your present, and hope for a better future”.

    We might have slipped some opportunities in the past to make it to the big stage; may it be the loss against Fiji in the semi-final of World Cricket league (2005) or it be another semi-final loss against Afghanistan in World Cricket League Division 5. Both these incidents left us behind in the race. But now, we have bounced back; in the past two years we won the Division 4 and 3, we won the ACC Elite Cup, we reached the final of the ACC T20 trophy, and more importantly; we qualified for the world cup making it the biggest achievement in the history of any sports in Nepal.

    Our government is positive towards cricket, cricket governing body is luring the sponsors and corporate sectors and domestic cricket is getting a new shape. It means we are heading into the right way for the development of cricket in our country.

    Forget all these rants, with just few days away from tasting the first glory of the world cup, this time, we will not criticize the players for not doing well, we will not blame the cricketing body for lack of preparation; what we will do is celebrate these three remarkable days wearing a cricket jersey of our team with a flag in hand, bleeding red and blue, living this moment forever. So, let’s unite, let’s cheer for cricket.

    Loads of wishes to Nepal Cricket Team for their success.

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