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Cricket is not the most popular sport for betting, but it is definitely gaining more popularity. Nowadays, sport plays a vital role in many Asian countries, especially India. Hence, the majority of cricket bettors are from there.

If you are tired of punting on the same sports and want to try out something else, cricket should be one of the things on your list. This sport has many benefits compared to other options, which is why even people with no previous betting experience decide to try their luck.

If you are among the bettors who don’t know what to, here are a few tips that will help you.

Be really careful when choosing your online bookie

People who like basketball, tennis, and football can choose pretty much any bookmaker and they will have access to loads of attractive markets, features, and promos. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for cricket because this sport is not as popular as the other ones.

Luckily, users who skim through this well researched review of 10Cric will see that this is one of the most impressive online bookmakers when it comes down to cricket. Besides its reputable gambling platform, 10Cric is also one of the places where you will find the most number of markets and lucrative odds.

Always read more information about each cricket team

Regardless of whether you decide to bet on one of the domestic cricket leagues (such as the one in India) or choose something else, it is important to learn the latest news. Similar to any sport, even some of the best cricket teams in the world could have problems. If you don’t know about them, there is a higher chance of losing your bet.

The good thing is that different cricket websites will provide you with the latest information from every top league in the world. Once you read the latest news, head over to your preferred sportsbook and choose one of the matches.

Check whether there are any upcoming events

Besides learning more about the best cricket teams, once you read the 10Cric review, you should try to check the upcoming schedule. Just like any other sports, different cricket tournaments take place throughout the year. Even though some of them might not be interesting, others will include the best teams globally, which means that they will provide you with loads of betting opportunities.

The fact that a big event is due to begin in a couple of days means that you have to be really careful when betting before that. Most teams probably won’t use their best players, which means that it may affect their performance.

Open the mobile app or the mobile site and make sure you can bet on cricket

Betting on the go is important for the sports betting industry, which is why bookmakers develop stand-alone apps for Android and iOS and fully-fledged mobile sites. Before you start using either of them, check whether they allow you to bet on cricket.

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