USA and UAE claim the spot in the World Cup Qualifier

In an exciting turn of events, the United States of America (USA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have qualified for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Qualifiers. Both teams managed to secure four wins each, but the USA finished on top with a better net run rate.

The qualifying tournament, which was held in Namibia, saw Six teams competing for the two coveted spots in the upcoming Cricket World Cup Qualifier. Namibia and Canada finished third and fourth with six points each. However, they were unable to secure enough wins to make it through to the next round. Jersey managed one win, whereas PNG finished winless.

For the USA, this is a significant achievement as it marks the first time they have qualified for the Cricket World Cup Qualifier. Meanwhile, the UAE’s qualification has not only secured their spot but also saved their One Day International (ODI) status. The UAE was at risk of losing their ODI status, which would have severely impacted their ability to compete on the international stage. However, their performance in the qualifying tournament has ensured that they will remain an ODI-playing nation.

The Cricket World Cup 2023 qualifier is scheduled to take place in Zimbabwe later this year, where ten teams will battle to secure a couple of seats in the mega event. Scotland, Oman and Nepal have already booked a seat in the Qualifier, being in the top three positions of CWC League 2.

Similarly, West Indies and Sri Lanka are also confirmed to play in the Qualifiers after missing out on the top eight positions in Super League. Zimbabwe and Netherlands will also see themselves in the tournament with one spot yet to be confirmed. Ireland are likely to join other nine teams.