Which betting features do you need to use once you start betting on cricket?

People who look at some of the best sports betting platforms in the industry will notice that many of them give their clients the chance to use different features. Most old-school bettors don’t take advantage of them, but people who are new to the industry use those things daily.

Depending on your sports preferences, you may have the chance to use various options. Unfortunately, some brands haven’t optimized all of them for each sport, which means some alternatives might be unavailable. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about this if you decide to bet on the hottest cricket events.

Before you look at the available cricket matches, here are some of the features that you should put to the test.

Live Betting, a.k.a In-Play

The first feature that you will find once you visit Efirbet and read this 10cric feedback is called live betting. As its name implies, it lets you place bets on ongoing matches across a broad range of sports, one of which is cricket.

People usually place pre-match bets, but punters who learn how to take advantage of the live betting feature will appreciate its benefits. Aside from the constantly changing odds, there are unique markets that you won’t be able to use if you want to place a pre-match bet. Furthermore, live betting is the only way to experience some of the other betting features that you will come across on most gambling platforms.

Live Streaming or Live Animations

The second option that you will definitely use on a daily basis once you read the 10Cric review is called live streaming. Thanks to some of the latest innovations in the iGaming industry, this bookmaker lets its users watch some of the live matches they bet on. This makes their entire experience more enjoyable and allows them to monitor everything happening within the event. This means that people can use the information and place bets on one of the many live markets.

Since maintaining an HD live stream is not easy, some online bookmakers decided to offer other things. Even if they have this option, it is usually only available for eSports or football, which means you probably won’t be able to use it while betting on cricket. Luckily, you will have the chance to utilize a feature called live animation. It is similar to the live stream, but instead of watching the match as if it is on TV, you will only see highlights of the most important in-game events.

In other words, this option will show you things like goals, substitutes, and more.


The last feature is not as widespread as the other two, but it is becoming more popular by the day. Swap is an option that lets you choose an event (or sometimes even more than one) that you can replace with another match without closing your bet. You can use this option if you’ve made a mistake or want to bet on a different cricket event.

Nischal Tiwari
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