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ACC cricket calendar 2023-24: How can Nepal play Asia Cup?

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) president Jay Shah, on Thursday, released the cricket calendar for 2023-24. Shah, who is also the BCCI secretary, posted the update on his official Twitter handle in which he revealed the pathway for the associate nations to make it into the competition.

The Asia Cup 2023 will be placed in September, with Pakistan and India playing in the same group. The tournament will be played in the same format that has been in use across the last two editions. The upcoming 16th season will have a total of 13 matches, which includes the subsequent Super 4 stage and the final.

Keeping in mind the ODI World Cup in the October–November window, the competition is scheduled to take place in September in the 50-over format. Notably, the Asia Cup is renowned for its adaptability because, in 2016 and 2022, when the World Cups of the shortest format were played, it was changed to a T20 format.

How can Nepal feature in Asia Cup?

The next big question is can Nepal compete in the upcoming Asia Cup? what is the pathway to it? The simple equation is Nepal need to win the Men’s Premier Cup, which will take place in April. Ten teams will compete in the competition, with Nepal, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Q1 (qualifying team from Challenger cup) placed in one group. Oman, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Q2 (second qualifying team from the Challenger cup) will compete in the next group.

If Nepal manages to clinch the Premier Cup, then they will join Afghanisthan and Bangladesh in the Group B of the Asia Cup. India, Pakistan and Srilanka are laced in Group A.


What if Nepal fails to succeed in the Premier Cup?

Ahead of the Asia Cup in September, ACC has announced the Emerging Team’s Asia Cup in August. India A, Pakistan A, Srilanka A, Bangladesh A, and Afghanistan A are confirmed, with three spots yet to be filled. The winner, Runner-up and Third place winner will be able to participate in this tournament. If not the winner, Nepal has the chance to play against Big teams finishing second or third in the tournament. The winner of the Premier Cup will have the advantage of featuring in both the Asia Cup and the Emerging Team’s Asia Cup.

What about U-19 Asia Cup?

The U-19 schedule is also similar to the senior team’s Asia Cup; however, eight teams will compete in the U-19 Asia Cup. Three teams from Premier Cup will get to feature in Asia Cup, unlike one in the senior Asia Cup. The Group stages are also similar to the senior team.

Does Nepal hold the chance to play Women’s Asia Cup?

The answer is YES. The Women’s Asia Cup will also be in the same format (Challenger Cup, Premier Cup, and then Asia Cup) but in a different scheme. Six teams will compete in the Asia Cup, with India, Pakistan, Srilanka, and Bangladesh automatically qualifying for the tournament. Firstly, the Asian Women’s associate team holding the rank of nine to 18 will battle in the challenger cup, from which two teams will advance through the next competition.


Six teams between the ranking of five to eight, along with the two qualified teams, will feature in the Premier ranking. Taking current ranking, Thailand, PNG, UAE, and Nepal are the top teams to battle in the second round. The top two teams will then see themselves in the Women’s Asia Cup. Meanwhile, taking out the bottom two teams, the other four will compete against India A, Pakistan A, Srilanka A, and Bangladesh A in the Women’s Emerging teams Asia Cup.