Nepal A

About Nepal A

The Nepal men’s national cricket A team represents Nepal in men’s international cricket, governed by the Cricket Association of Nepal.

Nepal A’s matches do not hold the status of One Day Internationals or T20 Internationals; instead, they are classified as first-class and List A matches, respectively. This team primarily functions as a developmental squad, providing a platform for domestic players to showcase their skills before transitioning to the senior team.

On February 14, 2024, the Cricket Association of Nepal unveiled their inaugural Nepal ‘A’ team. Binod Bhandari was appointed as the captain, with Gyanendra Malla and Kalam Ali taking up coaching roles. Read more about the announcement.

Gyanendra Malla, Kalam Ali



Binod BhandariFeb 14, 2024 - PresentFirst Class, T20, List A
Gyanendra Malla/Kalam AliFeb 14, 2024 - PresentFirst Class, T20, List A