ACC freezes Rs 40m allocated to CAN

Asian Cricket Council

Kathmandu- ACC has froze a healthy amount of $ 4,08,000 (Rs 40m) allocated to CAN on different installment after CAN failed to make an professional approach to claim the money.

On a letter sent by the ACC to Kantipur, it has stated that ACC has froze funds allocated to Nepal through different Asia Cup tournaments that includes $92,000 from 2006’s Asia Cup, $88,000 from 2008’s Asia Cup, $ 83,000 from 2010’s Asia Cup, and $ 2,62,000 from 2012’s Asia Cup. ACC divides the profit gained from Asia Cup tournament to associate countries including Nepal.

CAN’s irresponsibility has, thus, cost them a whipping amount equivalent to Rs 40m, at a time when they are going through crunching financial situation.

The meeting of ACC’s financial comittee on May 1, had set a deadline of August 1 for Nepal and other associates, who had not taken the fund, to claim for it. CAN then sent a proposal to claim the fund which the ACC denied saying it as an “unprofessional approach”. They also asked CAN to sent them a detailed vocational proposal, but, CAN failed to do that too.

On the issue, CAN’s acting general secretary siad that CAN had been sending those proposals as per ACC’s demand until CAN’s conflict broke out. ” After government dissolved CAN, we got our bank accout seized. So, we could no more sent any proposals and ACC froze the fund.”

Whatever be the reasons, these kinds of activites are badly hampering Nepal cricket. At a time, when Nepal is participating in a global tournament, whcih could possibly change Nepal’s cricket fortune, this news only and only demoralises everthing.

Source- Binod Pandey, Kantipur