Nepal U19

All set for ACC U19 Elite Cup

After a whitewash in all practice matches against Bangladesh U19 team at Bangladesh , team moves to Thailand for the ACC U19 Elite Cup 2011. Nepal is listed on Group B where they will find some tough and challenging team like Afganisthan, UAE, Oman and Thailand.

The ACC Elite Cup will be played from February 1 – 10. Hong Kong ,Afghanistan, Qatar, Nepal, Malaysia, UAE, Singapore, Oman, Bahrain and Thailand are other participating team for this tournament. Teams are divided into two group, 5-5 each and all teams will play their group matches against same group team before the Semi Final. The Final match will be played at Thailand Cricket Ground on 10th February.

The tournament forms part of the qualifying process for ICC U/19 World Cup 2012. Only the top two team move forward to a global qualifier later in the year.

The tournament will be played at different venues like Gymkhana and Prem Oval, Chiang Mai; Asian Institute of Technology, Pattana School and Thailand Cricket Ground. All these matches will be played for 50 overs.

Chiang Mai Bangkok
Hong Kong Afghanistan
Qatar Nepal
Malaysia UAE
Singapore Oman
Bahrain Thailand
Matches start at 9.30 AM (0230 hrs GMT)
Tues, Feb 1 Bahrain v Hong Kong at Prem
Malaysia v Qatar at Gymkhana
Thailand v Afghanistan at TCG
Nepal v UAE at AIT
Wed, Feb 2 Qatar v Singapore at Prem
Bahrain v Malaysia at Gymkhana
Nepal v Oman at TCG
Thailand v UAE at AIT
Thu, Feb 3 Hong Kong v Singapore at Prem
Afghanistan v Oman at TCG
Feb 4
Hong Kong v Qatar at Gymkhana
Afghanistan v Nepal at AIT
Feb 5
Malaysia v Singapore at Prem
Bahrain v Qatar at Gymkhana
Oman v UAE at TCG
Nepal v Thailand at AIT
Sun, Feb 6 Bahrain v Singapore at Prem
Hong Kong v Malaysia at Gymkhana
Thailand v Oman at TCG
Afghanistan v UAE at AIT
Tues, Feb 8 SF1: A1 v B2 at TCG
SF2: A2 v B1 at AIT
Weds, Feb 9 5th/6th Playoff: A3 v B3 at TCG
7th/8th Playoff: A4 v B4 at AIT
Thu, Feb 10 FINAL: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 at TCG
3rd/4th Playoff: Loser SF1 v Loser SF2 at AIT
9th/10th Playoff: A5 v B5 at BPS