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Angbuhang elected as the president of CAN

December 18, Chitwan:
Tanka Anbuhang, the current president of CAN was elected as a new president today after the first ever election of CAN. As the another candidate Pawan Agrawal withdrew the candidacy, Angbuhang was elected unopposed.

TB Shah was elected as the first vice president, Shree Niwash Rana and Chatur Bahadur Chand were the other vice presidents. Ashok Nath Pyakurel is the new general secretary.

Ratan Kathayat, Anup Thapa, Shailesh Chaudhary, Uttam Karmacharya, Dhirendra Saud, Kiran Rana, Binod Mainali, Raju Babu Shrestha, Basant Raj Satyal, Naresh Shrestha, Ameet Bir Pandey, and Sanjay Singh are the other members. The new committee has got 17 members now. And all were elected unopposed.

Expressing the happiness, Angbuhang said he was happy with the decision of the opponents that they withdrew and requested everyone to work under co-operation in upcoming days. He also said that his major task would be to prepare for the ICC T20 Global Qualifiers. He added that the new committee will work for increasing the fund to the Cricketers Welfare Fund which would be established soon and convert monthly allowance of player as central contract.

Mulpani Cricket Ground would be made an international venue sooner and the cricket would be extended through out the country with developing more infrastructure and building national cricket academy, he added. He committed that cricket would be decentralized under his leadership.