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Barmy Army Cricket Nepal set to host grand Inter College Indoor Cricket Tournament

Barmy Army Cricket Nepal, the cricket fanbase Nepal and the official branch of Barmy Army is gearing up to host a spectacular Inter College Indoor Cricket Tournament in Kathmandu Valley. Building on the success of their previous couple of tournaments, this event promises to be even bigger and more thrilling.

A total of 32 college teams from across the Kathmandu Valley will battle it out in this highly anticipated tournament. The competition will take place at GHCA Indoor, Hattiban, from Jestha 7 to Jestha 15 (May 21 to May 29). The tournament is set to showcase the remarkable talent and passion for cricket among college students.

Cloud Education and Visa Services have proudly taken on the role of the title sponsor for this prestigious event, with several other sponsors also lending their support. The collective backing of these sponsors will ensure the success and smooth execution of the tournament.

Barmy Army Nepal, which was officially registered in Nepal a couple of years ago, operates under the guidance of its nine board members, led by President Narayan Prasad Aryal. Their dedication and commitment have been instrumental in fostering a vibrant cricket culture in Nepal and nurturing the fanbase of England Cricket within the country.

The organization comes up with exciting contests and has been actively involved in Nepal’s cricket matches at the TU Cricket Ground, even offering complimentary tickets to fans.