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CAN decides to provide benefits for Players

Kathmandu- Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) on its board meeting on Thursday discussed four major agendas on improving the status of Players and grounds.

After the discussion, CAN under the headship of Tanka Aanbuhang has decided to award Nrs. 5000 per month as a benefit for the senior most players of the National team . However, Player’s benefit will be supervised for the period of six months and afterwards, it will be appraised as per the financial status of the board and player’s performance.

Similarly, they have also decided to buy a Mechanized Roller in order to maintain the cricket grounds.

On its press release published today, the board meeting has also decided to buy a Vehicle(BUS) to facilitate the players.

“Few parties are keen to invest on Mulpani Cricket ground and are also interested to improve the infrastructure development & standard of the Mulpani Cricket Ground. Therefore, board will consider their proposals and will take an immediate action on communicating with those parties “, Ashok Nath Pyakurel, General Secretary of CAN said.