CAN demands clarification from cricketer Chaudhary

Republica Online
Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) sought clarification from cricketer Dipendra Chaudhry alleging that his recent activities focused on defaming CAN and Nepali cricket.

Chaudhary, along with former national cricketer Aamir Akhtar, had recently moved the Supreme Court demanding the election of CAN executive body and transparency within the association.

CAN issued the order seeking clarification from Chaudhary on Thursday.

Chaudhary, in his reply to CAN, said that he has done nothing against CAN and cricket in Nepal. “I have asked CAN to point out specifically in what way I have defamed the cricket body,” said Chaudhary.

CAN Secretary and Spokesperson Tarak Mani Dixit said Chaudhary´s clarification was received on Friday. “We have evidences that prove Chaudhary spoken against CAN. We sought clarification from him as we want discipline within the sports,” said Dixit.

Sponsorship Controversy

Meanwhile, CAN has refuted the media reports that Region No 1 (Biratnagar) has signed a sponsorship deal with Model Global Visas Consultancy and Shangri-la Cricket Academy run by Akhtar.

“We welcome assistance to the cricket, but it has to follow certain procedures,” said Dixit.

“We have enquired with the Region No 1 Cricket Committee and they have said there has been no such deal as stated in the media.” Region No 1 Secretary Niranjan Rijal said he himself was not aware about the sponsorship deal.

According to Dixit, the deal has to be first finalized by the Region and then approved by CAN. “Even the manager and the coach, who had agreed to receive the money, have clarified that they had made a mistake,” said Dixit.

“Region No 1 will not wear the logo of so-called sponsors on the ongoing Pepsi Standard Chartered National One-day Cricket Tournament. If any player defies the decision, we´ll take action against them,” said Rijal.

Akhtar, who has been at loggerheads with CAN, had come up with the sponsoring ideas after CAN brought sponsors for only three regions, excluding Region No 1, 6, 7 and 8.