CAN to start Club Level Cricket Tournament

The long awaited and debated topic “Club Level Cricket” is set to start in Nepal if everything goes according to the plan, says Kiran Rana, the member of the Cricket Association of Nepal(CAN).

The various rumors have been around the fans these days about the club level tournament. And, Rana clarified that the rumor was true. “We are not going to organize senior tournament in coming months because there is no reason to organize it as we do not have any senior cricket tournament soon after the ACC Trophy later this month”, said Rana to Cricnepal. We are rather organizing the club level cricket, added Rana. He also addressed that CAN is working very hard to communicate  with the district level committee.

The tournament will first be organized in the district level with strict rule of including at least three or more clubs. After the district level, there will be tournament in the region between clubs from different districts affiliated to that region. And the clubs selected afterwards will finally fight for the cup at the national level, that means different clubs from different regions will fight for the club championship title.

“There will be strict rules to be followed by the district association and since it is a first club level tournament, we will provide some fund for organizing it to them.” said Kiran Rana.

However, the tournaments dates have not been fixed yet.