Cricket has a better chance of succeeding at the highest level for Nepal – Paras Khadka

Here is the interview of the captain of the current mens senior national cricket team, Paras Khadka. Read the interview and find what he has to say.

By: Jashanpreet Singh Gill

I must thank Nepal Captain and a super star in Nepal to take out time and give an Interview

Hello Paras Welcome to Associate and Affiliate World Cricket. I would start with the question:-

What is required for taking cricket to next level in your country?
For cricket to reach to the next level we need to have a proper administrative functioning unit and revise our domestic structure. Players should be looked after and be given exposure to better training at nearby close test playing nations like India.

What are the challenges in playing for a Associate Nation?

Challenges as in, we have very few tournaments and they are spaced too far and wide. One must closely play triangular and bilateral series like the test playing nations do. That way players will get better opportunity to showcase their talent regularly.

What are the steps that need to be taken to make cricket self sufficient financially in Nepal?
For cricket to get the financial support we must have a good proper administrative cricketing body like I mentioned. Once that comes into operation sponsorships and other monetary matters should be taken care of with that functioning body. Other than that, the government of Nepal should prioritize cricket with the view that this sport has a better chance of succeeding at the highest level. Corporate institutions will come into action once they c the potential for success.

What should ICC do to make the game global in true sense?

ICC must introduce doors for more and more countries to be able to contact and play against the top test playing nations. Like in football, more countries should be given the chance to participate in the cricket World Cup. Although the level might be totally different, the associate nations and affiliate nations will only improve once they come to knw about their shortcomings and weaknesses.

How does it feel to be a star in your country at such a young age?
I have been blessed with the fact that people in my country follow and love cricket so much. That way it has helped me carve out a name for myself but then cricket wise, until and unless we get an ODI status for starters, nothing will be valued.

I must thank Paras for taking out valuable time for this interview. Not only is he a local star but a very modest and down to earth person.
I wish him and Nepal all the best of ACC Twenty20 and WCL Division 4 tournament and hope to see Nepal in Both T20 and ODI World Cups.

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