Cricnepal, looking back at end of two glorious years!

Cricnepal, looking back at end of two glorious years!

Cricnepal started as an expression of passion for Cricket, and it is the same passion that has fueled us for these two years and on the way made us the leading news porch for Cricket in Nepal. We have come long way in these two years, combating various obstacles.

Unlike Conventional Media, Cricnepal is run and maintained not by professional journalist but Cricket enthusiasts-by people who really understand and honor the game.

Filling the void

Before Cricnepal, Cricket in Nepal never received as much attention as it deserved. There would be a few borderline stories here and there in news papers and television, but that was never enough; lot of cricketing events would never even get close to Medias. The news that would be covered would often be filled with lots of flaws.

Nepali Cricket fans craved for a one stop, where they could read all updates about Nepali Cricket- about all the tournaments, players, and analysis of the games.

In two years of news coverage, we have filled that void: Nepali Cricket News Portal, which covers almost all the cricketing events: National and International Men’s and Women’s Cricket at all levels, and Blind Cricket. For us ‘Everything is Cricket’, we provide the news coverage that Cricket deserves and we try to make sure the news that we provide are authentic and reliable.

Connecting Nepalese People World Wide

Sports victory brings people together like nothing else. When a nation takes part in sport the jubilance of triumph or the grief of loss, is shared by every individual of te country regardless his acquaintance with the game and thus connects every national, however as Cricket in Nepal did not get enough coverage some of our finest wins were never celebrated (Victory over UAE in 3 day game in 2003, brilliant performances in U-19 elite and World Cups) and some of our worst losses were never grieved( losses to Fiji, . News on Cricnepal is viewed from all over the world by not just the Admirers of Cricket but by Nepalese nationals scattered all over the world. The news regardless of win or a loss makes people come together.


Comprehensive and Unadulterated Cricket Updates

Cricnepal has always aimed at promoting Cricket in the country with extensive coverage of cricket from all parts of the country and exposing grass root level cricket to Nepalese e community. In just two years Cricnepal has covered nearly 40 national and international tournaments, from school  level games to World Cup Qualifiers.

We have offered comprehensive ball by ball coverage of all the international cricket matches that team Nepal (Men and Women Senior and Age Groups)

With comprehensive and unadulterated coverage of cricket news we aim to share the love of the game to all Nepalese community within and outside Nepal

We Highlight the Neglected

Women Cricket, Blind Cricket and Cricket at grass root level (district level games, college cricket) are not usually  part of widely accessible media, and thus often neglected. Newspapers provides less inches in height and length for these news.

We have comprehensively covered every tournament concerning Women’s Cricket- let that be national or international, U-19 or senior women’s, 20 over or 50 over.

Blind Cricket is one of the most quickly developing forms of Cricket in the nation. Conceived in only 2009 it has taken a huge leap in participating in the T20 Cricket Tournament this year. We have followed every little step of development of Blind Cricket through Cricnepal.

Through Coverage Cricket at grass root level we intend to motivate the new and raw players to pursue the sport

We have always wanted to promote the game in whatever form; when we say ‘Cricket has a huge potential in Nepal ‘ we do not restrict ourselves to just men’s team and neglect the other forms. It is pivotal for development of these forms of the game to get as much media coverage, (and people’s intreset though the coverage) to develop.


Cricnepal Family

Since its inception Cricnepal has received ever growing love form Nepali Cricket fans not just from Nepal but all over the world.  We would never have been what we are now without the constructive feedback and support of the Nepali Cricket Admirers. Cricnepal and Cricket Admirers have now  as if mottled into one big family. We expect the love to continue growing.

The basic objective of  Cricnepal has always been promoting Cricket in the county. When we work for in the Cricketing Sector few questions always bewilder us

“Do you think we have promoted Cricket in Nepal and our efforts have made an impact?”

“What more can we do to be more comprehensive in upcoming days?”

“What do we need to improve in?”

“Can we promote the cricket through media?”

We hope that we get feedbacks on these questions from all of you.

And regarding the last question  if we could promote Cricket through media..

We Say

Together as One Family, Yes we Can!!!

Together for Nepali Cricket