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Dassanayake: 5 next things expected from him

When I heard the name of the new coach it told me everything that is expected from him. If we have a little knowledge of Sanskrit, then Dassanayake means Dassa (Ten)-Nayake(Heroes) which corresponds to creating 10 heroes (1 failure per match is human 🙂 ). This is what Nepal would be expecting from him. He needs to create 10 heroes who will guide Nepal to level of success never seen before.

Will Dassanayake deliver the Das Nayaks?

The coach has got huge expectations lined up in front of him. Though not as per expectation of the fans winning ACC Twenty20 was not there but Nepal reached the top 4 which meant they are playing the World Twenty20 qualifier. If all goes well then we can see Nepal playing at the international stage for the first time.

Then another important tournament is also coming up in 2012- The all important ICC World Cricket League Division Four. This forms a part of qualification process of 2015 World Cup.

The coach also has a moral booster for him with a complete revamp of CAN going on. If all goes well we can have a much more democratic and open coach which he would relish

As per the people who met the coach, he seems to be a very tactful person. He has done his homework very well and his skills are making him very popular with the players but he has a full mountain to climb in front of him. If I have to list the coach needs to get few tick marks if he wants Nepal to qualify for international stage and make the team as successful as their Afghan rivals. However it is easier said than done. There are many things the coach needs to fulfill. If I have to list these are the following things the coach has to take care of

1. More exposure to the team
The team plays on average just maximum of 20 days of International cricket and 10 day of domestic cricket. Under these circumstances if you ask the coach and team to deliver is virtually asking me to climb Mount Everest tomorrow.
Here CAN should be pushed for more matches and exposure for the team. Perhaps the coach can use his contacts for getting Nepal team some domestic matches in Sri Lanka. Or perhaps the best option of Playing in Ranji would be the ultimate thing. However as an alternative playing against the Ranji teams ofUP and Bihar Teams would be an exposure that would also be useful. Sri Lanka in it’s infancy days used to play regularly against Tamil Nadu. Kenyan team uses it Indian contacts to regularly get Ranji teams like Gujarat, Baroda or AP to play against the Kenyan Team

2. Strengthening the domestic Circuit
The coach needs to have choices to pick the squad. For a T20 different style of players are required than an OD or a longer format. Also the domestic players need to have to played enough matches to have gained enough confidence before facing the final stage. The domestic circuit needs to be made longer. Besides the T20, 3 day matches tournament consisting of all 10 teams playing each other is required. Under the present circumstances playing a tournament with a maximum of 6 one day matches is too short an exposure for a budding cricketer. As an coach this things needs to be very strongly pushed by the coach

3. Batting
Nepal is known to have a better bowling than batting line up. The batting is the one that has let the team down at many occasions. This is the top priority Area if the team has to be as successful as it’s biggest rival-The Afghans.With more exposure and coaching tips this thing can surely improve. However in case of this not happening, then the coach needs to develop technique of preparing the team in Batting skills. Also the coach needs to Identify some young talents and giving them the right exposure and preparing them for the future. If the youth gets the confidence this brings in the right competition and no player get complacent.

4. The Pace Battery
This is critical area no 2, as important as Batting. Again I take the example of Afghan’s. Hamid Hassan is world class. He has made all the difference for the Afghans. Here the coach would need to all the Hard Work. The Batsman are there. There just need to be refined. But for the pace battery, both a short term and long term strategy needs to be there. In short term like batting more exposure for pacers is required
However for long term a complete process of scouting needs to be there. Potential raw talents needs to be identified and developed for future. If 2015 WC is in sight then 2012 is when the potential needs to be looked, 2013 all set to face the associates to take Nepal to 2015 World Cup and finally in 2015 ready to perform at the big stage.

5. A bridge between CAN and Players
CAN is going through a phase of Change. What is coming is not known if the elections will bring more accountability or bring in more politics. Whatever happens at the top, the players should be shielded from it. These are critical times for the team and players. If all goes well they can make it to the biggest stage or who knows whether there would be a second chance or not.
We have seen some right steps like 5000 Rs Stipend, This needs to be extended to full time contracts which even Japan is offering (It is in Div 8 and Cricket would not be in top 10 sports there!!!). Besides this team selection on performance rather than names would be be the thing that will boost the morale of players.
Hence these would be the 2 areas the coach needs to ensure he is a proper bridge between CAN and Players. The coach needs to use his strong personality to ensure absolute adherence to these areas.

The challenges are huge in front of the coach. Usually the coaches are not expected to go beyond the cricketing area but Mr Dassanayke, to create the 10 Heroes we will require a SuperDassanayke from him. Best of luck and I personally have huge hopes from him.

Article By: Jashanpreet Singh Gill