Expert Education Victoria Uni Kuleshwor thrashes Oli and Associates Budhanilkantha

Expert Education Victoria Uni Kuleshwor has drawn the first blood against Oli and Associates Budhanilkantha in its very first outing. It was a welcome win for Kuleshwor as both teams struggle to maintain clear dominance.

Winning the toss, Kuleshwor opted to field. With overcast conditions, Kuleshwor’s bowlers move ball well maintaining constant pace. Budhanilkantha struggled with new ball losing 3 key wickets including Captain Aashis Paudel for 4runs. Temporarily, Kuleshwor threatened to dismiss Budhanilkantha under 100 runs. Prasun Shrestha anchored Budhanilkantha’s innings with the solid contribution of 40 runs taking to respective 126. In fact, Budhanilkantha would not have accumulated 126, if it would not been Prasun Shrestha’s handsome 40 runs, 35 sundries was the second best result. Kuleshwor’s Captain Shekhar used his bowlers well in rotation with well set field not letting batsmen an easy grip on the game. Ajay Poudyal and Biswo Shrestha bowled well for Kuleshwor taking 2 wickets each.

Kuleshwor also choked earlier losing 3 early wickets; however, Balaram Bista (45) and Ajay Poudyal (34) showed perfect temperament to pave the way to their first one day victory for in this competition. Kuleshwor won by 7 wickets.

Man of the Match was awarded to Ajay Poudyal for his contributions with bat and ball.

Next game will be between Pokharel and Associates Warriors and Sheetal Sagarmatha.

On 13th November, Sunday NCAA has officiated its Official T-Shirts hand out ceremony. Chief Guest Mr. Bhabani Oli, the Director of Oli and Associates received his T-shirt form NCAA President Mr. Manoj Shrestha. Oli and Associates is the Platinum Sponsor of the NCAA Oli & Associates Cricket Tournament 2011/12. NCAA Secretary Mr Jeevan Thapa welcomed all the guests and players.

Mr. Oli has handed over the official T-shirts to each Gold Sponsors respectively. NCAA has specifically designed T-shirts for Gold Sponsors marked number ‘50’. The list of receiving sponsors included, joyous Mr. Pradeep Dhakal, Principal of Pacific College of Technology (Sponsor Pacific Team), Mr. Sanjeev Sharma and Mr. Badri Aryal Directors of Expert Education (Sponsor Expert Education &Victoria Uni Kuleshwor), Mr. Bijay Pokharel, Representative of Pokharel &Associates (Sponsor Pokharel and Associates Warriors) and Mr. Kiran Thapa , Director of Capkon.

Each Gold Sponsors also took opportunity to hand over the Official T-shirts to their respective Team Captains. Mr. Pradeep Dhakal handed out the team T-Shirts to Team Captain Mr. Noor Thapa from Pacific College. Mr. Sanjeev Sharma and Mr. Badri Aryal jointly handed over the Team T-shirts to Mr. Shekhar Aryal, Captain of Expert Education and Victoria Uni Kuleshwor, Mr. Pradeep Panta Captain of Pokharel and Associates also received his official T-shirts from Mr. Bijay Pokharel. In the absence of Mr. Ram Shrestha, Director of Nepcoms Services, Mr. Ajay Kshatry (Treasurer NCAA) handed over it to Mr. Nabin Gurung, Captain of Nepcoms Laligurans.

NCAA earlier organised NCAA Oli and Associates Super Six Championship where Sheetal Sagarmatha thrashed Pokharel and Associates Warriors to clinch the title.

The photo album from the event can be accessed from

By: Jeevan Thapa