Fixtures released for Wai Wai U-19 National Cricket Tournament

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    Kathmandu-Cricket association of Nepal (CAN) has released the fixture for Wai Wai U-19 National Cricket Tournament, 2071. This 11 day National Tournament starts on 3oth Bhadra, 2071 and commence on 9th Ashwin, 2071 and will feature nine regional teams.

    All the group  matches will be played on Army Cricket Ground and Pulchowk Engeenering ground whereas the Semi-final 2  and final are scheduled to be played at Tribhuwan University Ground. Engineering Ground will host the Semi-final 1.

    Gropus are divided as-

    Group A                                                       Group B

    Kathmandu (Region No. 3)                        Birgunj(Region No.2)

    Janakpur( Region No. 7)                            Mahendranagar(Region No. 9)

    Pokhara(Region No. 8)                                Biratnagar(Region No. 1)

    Bhairahawa(Region No. 4)                         Baitadi(Region No. 6)

    –                                                                             Nepalgunj(Region No. 5)


    Date Army Cricket Ground Pulchowk Engineering Ground TU Ground
    Bhadra 30,2071 Birgunj vs Mahendranagar Baitadi vs Biratnagar
    Bhadra 31,2071 Baitadi vs Nepalgunj Mahendranagar vs Biratnagar
    Ashwin 1, 2071 Nepalgunj vs Birgunj Baitadi vs Manhendranagar
    Ashwin 2, 2071 Kathmandu vs Janakpur Pokhara vs Bhairahawa
    Ashwin 3, 2071 Birgunj vs Biratnagar Mahendranagar vs Nepalgunj
    Ashwin 4, 2071 Biratnagar vs Nepalgunj Birgunj vs Baitadi
    Ashwin 5, 2071 Kathmandu vs Pokhara Janakpur vs Bhairahawa
    Ashwin 6, 2071 Janakpur vs Pokhara Kathmandu vs Bhairahawa
    Ashwin 7, 2071                –                 –              –
    Ashwin 8, 2071 Semi- Final 1(A1 Vs B2) Semi-Final 2( B1 Vs A2)
    Ashwin 9, 2071 Final(winner of SF1 Vs SF2)



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