Half Sleeved and Proud

Its 16 degrees these days.Chilly!

When the clock strikes six in the “evening”  many of us pull up the warm blankets over the legs and plan for a hot water bag. Six is basically night, the sun is deep down and its very dark(Courtesy-NEC/Load shedding). And yet they were there, on half sleeved Nepalese jersey waiting for there heroes to land, at six in the night, in that chilly sixteen degrees!

“I did not ever think I would need a full sleeve jersey, I guess no one even makes those” said a supporter when I question about his(apparently moronic) choice of dressing-just a thin Nepali Cricket Jersey on top! He was not alone-there were few more just like him!

They were not shivering though-seemed as if the rush of adrenalin 3 days back when Nepal made it to the world cup was just kicking in them. They were jumping and cheering as if they had just watched Sharad come down the track and smack Haseeb Amjad for single-the most significant 22 yards in the history of Nepali Sport-the single that took us to the world cup!

Few of them were there with the National Flag!  They were switching sights between the doorways and the flag! Every time they looked at the flag I could see pride in their eyes!

After a decent wait outside the team finally arrived!  Euphoria-the temperature climbed to that of boiling water- fans jumped and cheered as if water molecules!

Paras Khadka was humbled by the kingly reception. He held the flag (have no idea where he got it from) and looked at it-I could see the same pride in his eyes as that of those in the half sleeved supporters.