Hell Yeah, it’s Party Time for Nepalese Cricket Team

Of course, it’s the party time for the Nepalese cricket team just before the arrival of big festivals. The government providing 3 lakhs each to the coach and the players and the Cricket Association of Nepal(CAN) also providing 30,000 to each player is itself more than a party for the players to celebrate Dashain and Tihar in grand style. The ICC Division 4 cricket league winner ‘Nepal’ actually overcome the previous month’s heavy losses in the U-19 tournament and so provide somewhat a relief to the Nepalese cricket fans.

Talking about the tournament the dominating and thumping win over every opponent in division 4 Nepal finally showed its class and consistency which was lacking in Nepalese cricket for so many years. 6 wins out of 6 matches held outside home conditions especially with such a huge margin is really an extraordinary effort by the players for which every fan should salute them. The jinx of Nepal losing crucial matches in the finals has also been broken this time around. The batting units which used to fall like a deck of cards earlier before seemed like brick walls in this tournament.

The extremism of failures for so many years had finally taught Nepal some lessons to succeed in World cricket. Hope this success in Division 4 acts as a learning phase for the players and had a lot more to do to get selected in the top 14 for the ICC World cup 2015. The selection is tough but also not impossible but right now it’s the celebration for the Nepalese cricket team so need to worry much about the future. Every team passes through a struggling phase in world cricket and Nepal is right on it. The only question is for how much time? Right now the rise of Afghanistan and Bangladesh are the best examples for Nepali cricket to learn about their struggle and to create its own history in world cricket. So now it’s definitely the turn of Nepal to rise in world cricket after Afghanistan.

Best of luck Nepal for this and of course cheers for the powerful victory.