ICC plans to take action on CAN

Cricnepal/Kathmandu – International Cricket governing body – ICC has decided to fine Cricket Association of Nepal(CAN) Nrs. 10 million for not submitting quarterly financial reports.

CAN that has been running under the financial assistance of ICC has to submit its reports in every 3 months.

Can failed to submit its reports for the last quarter of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013. Hence, ICC had decided to take serious actions against CAN.

According to the source, CAN had sent the financial report for the last quarter of 2012 in May whereas it should have been submitted by the end of January. Asian Cricket Council (ACC) had asked ICC to take action against Nepal since, CAN has repeatedly delayed the submission of its reports.

CAN has appealed to ICC and ACC not to take action but they have not responded. If CAN’s request is disregarded this would be the biggest penalty of Nepali sports. ICC provides $160,000 for administrative expenses and $175,000 annually for capital and development expenditure to CAN. For this CAN has to submit its reports as per the directives of ICC. In the early 2012, ICC had decided to fine CAN 10 percent of the capital and development fund for the same reason. But after the appeal by CAN, the decision was dismissed.

ACC had sent its representative to Kathmandu then to train CAN officials to prepare the reports.CAN President Tanka Angbuhang admitted that the association has received a letter from ICC about the ´possible action´but claimed that he has already communicated to ICC on this matter. “They opened our email on the financial report only after two months and they have already accepted their mistake.said Angbuhang. “They had included Nepal in the list of the members not submitting financial reports on time during the ICC annual meeting but they removed us from the list after we explained everything,” claimed Angbuhang, who had participated in the annual meeting held in London two months ago along with CAN General Secretary Ashok Nath Pyakuryal. “They have already assured us that we would not be fined and continue to receive financial assistance,” said Angbuhang.

News by Pratigya Sharma
News via Nagariknews

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