ICC suspends Sri Lanka Cricket due to Government Interference

The International Cricket Council (ICC) board has suspended Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) with immediate effect due to significant government interference in the administration of SLC.

In a statement issued on Friday night, the ICC declared that Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) had violated its membership obligations, specifically the mandate to autonomously manage its affairs without government interference.

The ICC Board expressed apprehension regarding the Sri Lankan government’s involvement in various aspects of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC), encompassing governance, financial matters, and even issues about the national team. The ICC has communicated its decision to SLC, indicating that further actions will be determined during the ICC Board meeting scheduled for November 21.

The ICC stated, “The terms of the suspension will be determined by the ICC Board in due course.” The ICC Board is scheduled to convene on November 21, following which a clearer understanding of the future course of action is anticipated.

After Zimbabwe Cricket faced suspension in 2019 due to government interference, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has become the second Full Member to undergo suspension by the ICC in the past four years. Unlike the situation in Zimbabwe, where all cricket activities and funding were abruptly halted, the ICC will handle Sri Lanka’s case with caution.