ICC Team and Player Rankings in CWCQ

Four teams with ODI status-Netherlands, Kenya, Canada and Scotland are competing alongside Nepal in the ongoing ICC World Cup Qualifier.  With ODI status comes perks of ODI Rankings. Here are the top teams, bowlers, and batsman of the ICC CWCQ based on ICC ratings.(Also No ODI status No Ranking, so only players from these four teams are featured)

Team Ranking:
Although UAE are the top seed team in the tournament, finishing third on the ICC WCL Championships without a ODI status they are not eligible for ICC Ratings. Thus Netherland, the second seed team is on top-ranked 12th in the world.

Team Ranking

Team ICC Ranking
Netherlands 12th
Kenya 13th


The Group B match between Kenya and Netherlands can change this. If Kenya win they will replace Netherlands for the 12th position.

Batsman Ranking

Batsman Country Ranking
Collins Obuya Kenya 77th
Alex Obanda Kenya 78th
Eric Szwarczynski Netherlands 92nd
Kyle Coetzer Scotland 94th
Wesley Barresi Netherlands 104th
Peter Borren Netherlands 105th
Maurice Ouma Kenya 116th
Matt Machan Scotland 120th
Stephen Myburg Netherlands 126th
Irfan Karim Kenya 14oth
Rakep Patel Kenya 142nd
Richie Berrington Scotland 144th
Jimmy Hansara Canada 145th

Kenya Collins Obuya starts the tournament as the top ranked player. From Nepal’s Group Kyle Coetzer, Scotland captain is on 94th rank. Matt Machan(120th) and Richie Berrrington(144th) both from Scotland are also in top 150. Jimmy Hansara from Canada is the lone representative from Canada in top 150.

Bowler’s Ranking

Bowlers Country Ranking
Mudassar Bukhari Netherlands 46th
Majiq Haq Scotland 49th
Hieren Varaiya Kenya 54th
Pieter Seelaar Netherlands 57th
Harvir Baidwan Canada 69th
Nehemiah Odhiambo Kenya 81st
Gordon Drummond Scotland 107th
Elijah Otieno Kenya 115th
Iain Wardlaw Scotland 119th
Collins Obuya Kenya 124th
Gordon Goudie Scotland 132nd
Nelson Odhiambo Kenya 135th
Shem Ngoche Kenya 140th
Junaid Siddiqui Canada 146th

Netherlands’ Mudassar Bukhari who is ranked impressive 46th leads the bowlers pack in this qualifier. Scotland’s spinner Majiq Haq is not that far and is ranked 49th(And thus the Scottish claims of having the best spin attack). Scotland seamers Gordon Drummon(107th), Iaina Wardlaw(119th) and Gordon Goudie(132nd) are placed inside top 150.

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