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In need of pacers: Prithu

Interview with Nepal U-19 National Cricket Team Captain Prithu Baskota. This interview was taken during the practice session of the U-19 boys who have been practicing hard for the upcoming ACC U-19 Asia Cup and ICC U-19 World Cup Qualifiers.

Cricnepal: Prithu, Welcome to the in-focus of

Prithu: Thanks a lot.

Cricnepal: How is the training going on?

Prithu: Well it’s going on pretty good. We are staying close by the ground. So it is going pretty smoothly in spite of all the strikes.

Cricnepal: That means the strike hasn’t put negative impact on the training.

Prithu: Not much effect.

Cricnepal: Most of them even our fans in fan page have said that Nepal is going to be exposed with the two times world champion Pakistan and India in the U-19 Asia cup and also in the U-19 World cup they are facing the defending champions Australia and England. So, what sort of mentality has the team prepared for challenging against them?

Prithu: Well, We are preparing quite well. We are playing practice matches also. But mentality wise we know how the bowlers are will be from Pakistan and even from Australia in the World Cup. We are getting prepared mentally also and as far as the preparation is concerned, we will be starting it pretty soon. And the real training will start among us after the 14 men squad is released.

Cricnepal: Will any new player get exposure to the international cricket in your view?

Prithu: Well it’s yet to be decided. We have to look at the performance and then we should be analyzing.

Cricnepal: In your view which new guys have shown their extra performance? Can you name 4-5 of them?

Prithu: Well I can’t say it right now. But I do hope that every player will show his extra performance and it should be a good competition among all the players. What they should realize is that everyone has got a chance. I can’t really name them but after the final team is announced we will know.

Cricnepal: And also Nepal has been termed as Giant Killers in international history. They have beaten New-Zealand, South-Africa and other famous teams. Can this history be repeated again?

Prithu: Yes! We’ll certainly look forward to do that because we are a good side. Hope that we could go onto the Asia Cup and World Cup defeating big big teams.

Cricnepal: Any message for the fans?

Prithu: I can only say that just keep on supporting us. We need your support we are going onto two big tournaments. So your support is really necessary. Like, Critisim won’t help. As players have to self criticize them and improve their game. All fans must always support us. We will try to do all our best. That’s All.

Cricnepal: Thanks a lot Prithu.

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Taken by: Pratik Gyawali
Camera: Mohammed Ali