Journey Towards Success

Yes, finally we broke the jinx. Jinx of failing when it matters much. Nepalese cricket may have a long road to go through but still, the peephole is available there which if we keep on performing, in the same manner, be cash into reality- A dream of playing the World Cup.

Really, the way we play in this qualifier for winning every match that we played in proves we are capable of doing so. More interestingly the way our team performed in Malaysia is appreciable that has rejoiced we thousands of well-wishers back home.

Because every time and again our batting was the issue of concerning upsetting in several of important matches but this time around it was completely the different scenario. We didn’t only show the improved batting performance but our boys succeeded in making few centuries and a half ones with a brilliant match-winning knock. So, we have plenty to celebrate and nothing to lose from this series.

Similarly, another good thing that we witnessed in our team is the way our team performed; they played in a unit which is a good sign for any team to be successful in the world of cricket. Our team was not dependent on any one individual player rather everyone was ready to play their part contributing with bat or ball; that may be Anil Mandal, Subash Khakurel, Gyanendra Malla, Paras Khadka or Basanta Regmi and others.

If one suffered a bad day another was there to stand and deliver and was the case in every match we played in. So, now our team has made a point here setting their standard very high which has to be kept alive because we still got a long way to travel. And for this to happen, every one of us got to start from now, we have no time to respite rather continue this momentum till we play in WC 2015. Our team should play as many matches as we could because match practice is what needed most and is not the case so far.

What has been till now, is the past and should start fresh with enough matches. Similarly, CAN and the government got to think about our cricket appreciating their hard work as with empty stomach how long could one go? Hence, let us hope the team which made a history gets good felicitation that may boost up them more.