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Naresh and Rajesh to Fly to London Tomorrow

Youngsters and occasional members of National Cricket Team Naresh Budhayer and Rajesh Pulami will be flying to London tomorrow to participate in a 6 week long training provided by Marlyebone Cricket Club(MCC) London.

“Prashant Kunwar, a Nepali cricket lover living in London, had facilitated the process read” read the CAN issued press release.

Cricket Association of Nepal had sent video clips of a few promising youngsters and Naresh Budhayer(21 years) and Rajesh Pulami(20) were selected by MCC to train in their youth programme. Regular in U 19 side, Rajesh and Naresh are among common names in Nepalese Cricket but haven’t been able to keep their place in senior side. Naresh was the reserve player in WCL Division III Team while Rajesh has never played for the senior side.

The training program will be held at The Lords Cricket Grounds also popular as “The Home of Cricket”  from 13th-26th July 2013 with elite coaches. They will be back on 29th July 2013.

About Marlyebone Cricket Club

“MCC is the world’s most active cricket club, the owner of Lord’s Ground and the guardian of the Laws of the game.”

~MCC Website

It is the oldest Cricket Club in the world founded in 1787. Rajesh Pulami and Naresh Budhayair have been selected to train in the Youth Cricketer Scheme

“After benefiting from expert coaching, intensive playing programmes and world-class facilities, many MCC Young Cricketers – both men and women – proceed to enjoy successful careers in county or international cricket.”
 ~MCC Website

Popular players like Ian Botham(England ) and Mark Waugh(Australia) were graduates of Youth Cricketer Program.

The scheme also assisted  cricketers from outside the Test playing nations groom. Among recent graduates are Will Porterfield (Warwickshire and Ireland), Kevin O’Brien (Ireland) and Afghan pair Hamid Hassan and Mohammad Nabi.

Shubash and Pradeep Reach Kurunegala
Two prominent players of the National Team Subash and Pradeep reached Kurunegala(about 50 km away from Colombo), Sri Lanka. They will be playing SL U23 tournament starting 15th June for Kurunegala Cricket Club. It’s a two day tournament which will be held for six weeks.

Subash took place of proposed Binod Bhandari after Bhandari couldn’t fit under the age bar. Bhandari is currently 24 years.