National One Dayer and T20 Schedule Released

Cricnepal/Kathmandu: National one day Cricket Tournament is set to start from 11th of December to 21 and the National T20 will kick off from 23rd December, just a day after the one day tournament finals of One Day Cricket and end on the 30th of December.

Nine teams will be competing in the tournament 8 regional teams and Armed Police Force Cricket Team.CAN made an official announcement for the tournaments on a press release today. The tournaments are sponsored by Pepsi and Standard Chartered Bank.

Pepsi-Standard Chartered National One Day Cricket Tournament

The 50 over matches will be played at TU International Cricket Ground and Engineering Cricket Ground. Teams are divided in two  groups 5 in Group A and 4 in Group B. Baitadi(6), Pokhara(8), Biratnaga(1)r and Bhairahawa(4) along with the defending Champions APF. Group Group consists off Janakpur(7) Kathmandu(3), Nepalgunj(5)and Birjunj(2). Two matches will be played each day,

The first match of the tournament will be between Region no.7 Janakpur and Region no.3 Kathmandu at TU Ground, while Region no.1 Biratnagar will take on Region no. 8 Pokhara on the same day at Engineering Ground, Pulchowk. The group stage of the tournament ends at 17th December. Semi Final matches will be held on 19th Decmember. the final will take place the very next day at TU International Ground.

Group A Group B
Region No.6 Baitadi Region No.7 Janakpur
Region No.8 Pokhara Region No.3 Kathmandu
Region No.1 Biratnagar Region No.5 Nepalgunj
Region No.4 Bhairahawa Region No.2 Birgunj
Armed Police Force


Date Fixture Ground
December  11th Janakpur   vs.    Kathmandu TU Ground
Biratnagar   vs.  Pokhara Engineering Ground
December  12th Baitadi   vs. Pokhara TU Ground
APF Club   vs. Biratnagar Engineering Ground
December  13th APF Club   vs. Baitadi TU Ground
Birgunj   vs. Nepalgunj Engineering Ground
December  14th Janakpur   vs.   Nepalgunj TU Ground
Pokhara   vs. Bhairahawa Engineering Ground
December  15th APF Club   vs. Bhairahawa TU Ground
Biratnagar   vs   Baitadi Engineering Ground
December  16th Pokhara  vs. APF Club TU Ground
Janakpur  vs. Birgunj Engineering Ground
December  17th Biratnagar  vs.  Bhairahawa TU Ground
Kathmandu   vs.  Nepalgunj Engineering Ground
December  18th Kathmandu   vs. Birgunj TU Ground
Bhairahawa   vs    Baitadi Engineering Ground
December  19th Rest Day
December  20th SF1 (A1 vs B2) TU Ground
SF2 (B1 vs A2) Engineering Ground
December  21th FINAL (A1 vs B1) TU Ground