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Nepalese Festive Cricketing Buzz

Cricnepal/Kathmandu – After Nepal registered emphatic victory over Singapore and ensured their berth in ICC World T20 World Cup, the whole Country celebrated along with the Cricket Team especially the youths. Around 20000 Nepali Cricket Team supporters had gathered at TU  last Saturday in the must win match against Malaysian and celebrated Nepal’s crucial victory along with the team.

Cricket had been neglected by the front line media for pretty long time but now it’s finally getting on the right page-featured in the front cover of all major Dailies! Past few days’ success of Nepali Cricket Team in ACC T20 Cup has been making headlines and at times is picked before the topsy-turvy political news. It gets more seconds in the Broadcast news as well; although the facts that they state is often awfully flawed but with time and if Cricket gets same significance that will improve.

Cricket has been the talk of the town and the social media is flooding with reactions on National Team’s Success receiving even high profile response, Ex-Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai tweeted “Bravo Nepali Cricket Team! You have made the whole country Proud”, after team Nepal’s victory over Singapore

The success achieved by National Cricket Team has given Nepalese scattered all around the world a common cause to celebrate and is bringing  Nepalese in Nepal and around the world together “We are stunned by the number of email responses we are receiving from Nepalese in Foreign Land”, said Arjun Subedi part of the NTV’s commentary team during Nepal vs. Singapore match. Cricnepal has also been recieving generous messages from people all around the world. “We have a fantastic environment here in Delhi, we are watching the live broadcast and cheering for Nepal”, Divesh Shrestha shared to Cricnepal during Nepal vs. Singapore match from India.

When nearly everything for the country seems to be going wrong, the success in Cricket has  youths something to be cheer  about “When Nepal defeated Malaysia- I have never felt prouder being Nepali”, shared Sanjeev  Dhungana to Cricnepal after the match against Malaysia.

Nepal is set to take on UAE tomorrow in the semi final of the ACC T20 Cup; it’s assured that Nepalese from all around the world will be watching this match and for National Cricket Team it’s a chance to give all of us one more occasion to celebrate.