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Nepalese U19 Team receives warmly welcome at Dublin

Ireland – The Nepalese ICC U-19 Team received a warm welcome by the Nepalese Community in Ireland on July 25th morning at Dublin Airport.

The U19 Nepalese team arrived at the recently constructed Terminal 2 of Dublin Airport at 8:00 AM. A group of 12 Nepalese fans, including NRN-I president Ganesh Prasai, NIS General Secretary Gangaram Kandel, Co-ordinator of the Welcome Sub-committee Dr. Keshav Bhattarai and other members of the sub-committee welcomed the Nepalese team. The Nepalese fans welcomed and greeted each member of the visiting squad, including the team manager and team coach, by offering Nepali Khada. The fans were waving Nepali flag and banner saying “NRN Ireland heartily welcomes Nepalese U-19 Cricket Team”.

Welcoming the visiting Dr. Bhattarai told that the Nepalese Community in Ireland are extremely overjoyed from the fact that Nepalese U-19 has come to Ireland to play the ICC U-19 WCC qualifying matches. He assured the visiting team that they will try their best to make the staying of Nepalese team joyable and comfortable in Ireland. He also said that the first match with Afghanistan will be attended more than 100 Nepalese fans, wearing Nepalese team jerseys and waving Nepalese flags.

The team was then ferried to the Crok Park hotel in Dublin City Centre, after which, the team visited the local Nepalese Restaurant “Deewali” where they were offered delicious Nepali food.

The Nepalese team is playing a friendly match with Namibia on Monday at the local Phoenix Park. The official inauguration ceremony will be held on 27th July. The first match with Afghanistan will be played on Thursday 28th July at Leinster Cricket Club, Rathmines, Dublin. Out of nine matches, four will be held in Dublin (Republic of Ireland) and the remaining five in Derry (Northern Ireland).

– By Keshav Bhattarai, Dublin, Ireland