Nepali Team to Return Today


Nepal’s Delhi tour which was supposedly prolonged is cut short and the team will return home tonight itself.  Also Nepal’s today’s match has also been cancelled as informed by Raman Shiwakoti on his facebook page.Nepal’s Delhi tour, part of High Performance Program was first formal tour for Nepali Team in India. The next itinerary on the High Performance Program for Nepal is fielding coaching.CAN has however put no foot forward.

With team returning 12 days prior to the first practice game uncertainly looms over how Nepali Team will utilize these 10 days.

Nepal was on 10 days Delhi tour for 7 practice matches which was supposedly prolonged for “5-6 days”  as DDCA has approved for 3 more matches. As told to media earlier the team was set to travel to UAE directly from India. But just like the all the practice matches Nepal’s Delhi tour is set to end with “incredible uncertainty”.

While in Delhi Nepal played 7 practice matches 3 against DDCA, 2 against Railways, and one each against Gaziabad Cricket Association and Invitational XI. Nepal was supposed to take on Invitational XI today.

BCCI and CAN  had been widely criticized for setting matches with apparently weak teams. Nepali team  won 6 of the 7 matches played in India.

India tour was told to be a great platform and Nepali team was to be provided matches against strong teams-one match even with the team lead by Gautam Ghambir. But none of that happened- the opponent quality seemed to not match the expectation and Ghambir never played.