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Nepali Women Shatter Records on Day-I

ACC opted a 3 division regional tournaments hoping that there won’t be mismatches but the contrary Nepal Women vs. Iran Women was exactly what ACC was hoping to miss with the 3 division structure. Nepal defeated Iran by a massive  221 runs and in the cause set up a few National and ACC records.

1.First International Fifty  and Highest Individual score
Sita Magar’s  46 against UAE in last years ACC Women’s Championship was the closet Nepali women had gotten to a half century. Three players bettered that yesterday. Sita Magar who reached her fifty in 39 balls became the first Nepali women to score a fifty in international cricket. Sarita Magar joined her soon enough to become the second. Neera made 47 runs to place herself third on the list of highest individual scores for Nepal in Women’s Cricket.

2. Nepal Record

Score Player Opponent Tournament
72 Sarita Magar Iran ACC Premier 2014
61 Sita Magar Iran ACC Premier 2014
47 Neera Iran ACC Premier 2014
46 Sita Magar UAE ACC Women’s Championship 2013
41 Sarita Magar UAE ACC Women’s Championship 2013
39 Neera Iran ACC Women’s T20 2009

ACC Record(5th)

Score Player Team
108 Tippooch Thailand
89 Zang Mei China
88 Pratt Hong Kong
75 Sung Hua China
72 Sarita Magar


3. Sita Second to Pick 4 Wickets and Score a Half Century in the same match

Sita Magar became the only second player in ACC Women’s Tournament history to pick up four and score a half century. Hong Kong N. Pratt is the only other player to achieve this feat. She did this in 2007 ACC Women’s Championship when she scored 71 runs in the first innings and got 4 wickets against Malaysia.

4. Most FOURS in an Innings

Nepal scored as many as 27 fours in the match and Sita alone contributed with 10. 27 is the highest number of four hit by Nepal in an innings and 10 highest for individual. Nepal’s previous best 7-Individual and 12-Team.

5. Highest Team Total (ACC Record)

Nepal’s score of 284/6 is the highest score at ACC Women’s Tournament-breaking the previous record set by China in the last year’s ACC Women’s Championship(although 2013 edition of the tournament was only 30 over tournament). The total of 284 is nearly the double of Nepal’s previous highest i.e. 145/5 against UAE

Total Team Opponent Tournament
284/6 Nepal Iran ACC Premier 2014
272/3 China Kuwait ACC Women’s Championship 2013
221/2 China Iran ACC Women’s Championship 2013
214/4 Thailand Singapore ACC Women’s Championship 2013

6. Win Margin(ACC 2nd Biggest)
Nepal defeated Iran by 221 runs-this is the biggest win Margin for National Women Team. This win margin is nearly 3 times as big as Nepal’s previous record of 86 runs against UAE in the previous edition of the tournament.

Win Margin Team Opponent Tournament
237 China Kuwait ACC Women’s championship 2013
221 Nepal Iran ACC Premier 2014
167 China Iran ACC Women’s championship 2013
136 Hong Kong Oman ACC Women’s T20

 7. Highest Partnership
Sita Magar and Sarita Magar added 107 runs for the second wicket-Nepal’s highest for any international match. Later Neera Rajopadhyay added 72 for 5th wicket Sarita Magar. Both of these partnerships overtook Nepal’s previous highest of 54 runs(ACC Women’s Championship-Neera and Nari Thapa,  and ACC Women’s T20-Neera and Maya Rawat)

There have only been 6 century partnerships in ACC Women’s event and the Sarita and Sita stand is the fourth highest for any ACC event.

Partnership Batters Team  Wicket Tournament
178 Pratt and Gill Hong Kong First ACC T20 2009
141 Zang Mei and Sung Ma Yao China First ACC Women’s Chapionship 2013
141 Zang Mei and Sung Ma Yao China First ACC Women’s Chapionship 2013
107 Sita and Sarita Nepal Second ACC Premier 2014
105 Reddy and Mittal Qatar First ACC Women’s T20 2009
101 C Wong and MTHill Hong Kong Third ACC Women’s T20 2011

8. Highest Extras
Iran gifted Nepal with 69 extras. Bowling has always been the issue for Women’s Cricket as this level-towering number of extras in every match. 69 is however the highest for any ACC Women’s Tournament and perhaps male as well!

Extras Conceded by Opponent Tournament
69 Iran Nepal ACC Premier 2014
62 Kuwait China ACC Women’s Championship 2013
53 China Thailand ACC Women’s T20 2009