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NRN Ireland celebrates Nepal’s victory

Nepalese community in Ireland celebrated the historic victory of Nepalese U-19 Cricket Team through a welcome and victory dinner party organised on Wednesday 10th August in the local Dewali Restaurant in Dublin.

Non-Resident Nepalese Ireland
Non-Resident Nepalese Ireland

The programme was attended by more than 100 participants, all members of the visiting U-19 Cricket Team including the coach, the manager, the ICC Umpire Budhdhi Ratna Bajracharyar and Cricket Ireland Liaison Officer Patrick Ussher. The ceremony was also attended by the Lord Mayor of Dublin.

The programme started by opening Champagne in the honour of the visiting team by Krishna Kumar Dongol who came to Ireland for the first time and staying longest period here. The NRIN President Mr. Ganesh Prasai welcomed the team and congratulated them for their historic victory in Ireland.

Congratulating the team for their historic victory in Ireland and thanking all Nepalese fans in Ireland for their generous support to the team during the tournament, the Welcome and Cheering Subcommittee Co-ordinator Dr. Keshav Bhattarai said that the Nepalese community staying in Ireland and other countries in the world is feeling proud of being Nepali due to such a grand victory over the USA, the Ireland and other countries. He hoped that this team will perform exceptionally well in the WCC final matches in Australia next year. He also outlined the activities carried out by the team over this more than two weeks period in supporting the team. He informed that more than 1,000 fans cheered the team during the 9 matches and one practice match with Namibia. NRN-Ireland also regularly updated the scores of all matches on its social networking site, which was being followed by all media in Nepal when it was not being updated by CricInfo and Cricket Europe.

Nepal Ireland Society General Secretary Gangaram Kandel read out the content of the appreciation letter forwarded by the Nepalese Ambassador to the UK and Ireland Dr. Suresh Chandra Chalise and handed over the letter to the team Captain Prithu Banskota.

Speaking on behalf the team, the Manager Chhatra Adhikari thanked all Nepalese staying in Ireland for their generous support and help extended during the team’s stay in Ireland and during the matches. Team Coach Jagat Tamata also thanked the Nepalese community for boosting the confident of the team when it needed during all the matches.

Each member of the team gave their introduction to the fans during that occasion.

NRN-Ireland also presented gifts and cash prize to each member of the visiting team and to Patrick.

The programme concluded by delicious Nepalese dinner.

Review by Keshav Bhattarai, PhD worked as a co-ordinator of 16 member sub-committee to assist U19 Cricket team while in Ireland.