NSC re-appoints Pandey

Cricnepal Reporter /Kathmandu – Nepal Sports Council(NSC) on Wednesday re-appointed  Binaya Raj Pandey along with 9 other members to  the new committee of Cricket Association of Nepal.

After the controversial re-shuffling of CAN by NSC on October 26 , Mr. Binaya Raj Pandey, the ex President & Jay Kumar Nath Shah, the founder President of CAN were reappointed as Patron and Advisor of the board respectively.

Similarly, Upendra Bhattarai has also been appointed as Vice President of CAN. Former National team captain Pawan Agrawal, Niranjan Rijal, Deepak Koirala, Dharma Sundar Bajracharya, Kiran Samsher Rana, Diwakar Ghale and Thakur Pratap Thapa have been appointed as member in the newly formed committee. Altogether, CAN now holds 29 members on its committee.

Previously, NSC re-shuffled the previous committee under the leadership of Binay Raj Pandey as it couldnot conduct elections for years and players were criticizing.