Online Media’s Role in Nepali Cricket

Nepal takes pride in its natural beauties, Mt. Everest, and the birthplace of the symbol of peace Lord Gautam Buddha. Just now it became successful in drawing attention from people around the globe with its great performance in sports, and that’s no other than Cricket.

The back-to-back champion of ICC Division 4 and ACC Elite Cup has seen a great increase in its fans and is able to catch the attention of a huge number of people both locally and globally. If things turn out well, there is hope and a strong chance, cricket can be the first sport to represent our country in the World Cup. If our boys become successful, then it’s a matter of pride and glory for the entire country.

After this achievement in our cricket history, everybody thanks the coach, CAN and our winning Team. These deserve every bit of it. I too personally want to thank our coach, team management, CAN and all our players. Isn’t it just the beginning of our long journey? But there are some other players that played a key role and deserve a round of applause for contributing to Nepali Cricket.

One of them which comes to my mind first is the presence and contribution of Online Media and Social Networking. Access to the internet has drastically increased in the last couple of years. And with smartphones, you can get connected with the rest of the world anytime, anywhere with a single tap. Being a cricket fan, this is how I quench my cricket thirst. What I want to mention here is we need to acknowledge the impact made by various websites, online news and various pages on Facebook and Twitter. Nepali cricket team news, views, live score updates, and photos are now just a click away. Online media has provided a platform to fans so that they can support, discuss, and comment on their sports of interest in a single place. And it has also helped in increasing the number of cricket fans that follow Nepali Cricket, without which our Nepali Cricket is incomplete. I wonder why the news, player and team information and score updates of our team are not making headlines in reputed daily papers and covered in prime-time television shows.

The advertisement industry in Nepal has been underestimating revenues that could be collected by airing live cricket matches. Is our politics to be blamed for, maybe? Had not it been for the online media there are no other sources that we could rely on to know about cricket in the country? This really concerns all of us. For example, in yesterday’s match, most of us depended upon coverage from various Nepalese online portals.

In this great moment of our victory celebration, I would like to thank all the online media and would like to mention their names here, cricnepal.com, www.cricket.com.np and their pages on Facebook and Twitter. Also, various pages and groups on Facebook like Nepali Cricket Player, Nepali Cricket team | NTC and the group Nepali Cricket Fans on Facebook, etc were updating scores. Enough ranting but the contribution made by online media is huge and without which our Nepali Cricket is incomplete. My sincere wishes that you all friends continue the good work and lead the role of example in Nepali Cricket media.

I would personally like to thank the people associated with websites like cricnepal, cricket.com.np and other Facebook pages and websites for doing a wonderful job in Nepali cricket communication and increasing the number and support for Nepali Cricket. Your time, money, and effort spent changing Nepali cricket’s current status are highly appreciated.

Being Nepali Cricket Fans we all will need to be very grateful and thankful for all your contributions now and in the coming days. There is no doubt that Nepali Cricket will soar in height.

At last, congratulations to our team again on this great achievement and on lifting the ACC Elite Trophy. Let’s hope our team polishes its performance and play more wonderful and high-quality cricket in the coming future. Hope this is just a beginning of a new cricketing powerhouse.

Sanjib Paudel From Pokhara, BBA graduate [email protected]