Over Million Dollars For Teams That Qualify For World Cup

International Cricket Council


ACC/ Cricnepal
The four countries that qualify for the next World Cup are in line to receive US$1.35 million each says the International Cricket Council. In line with the 2014 Development Funding Policy, High Performance Grants to the successful qualifiers to the 2015 event will receive US$350,000 at the end of the World Cup Qualifier next January and then US$1 million from 2014 to 2016.

Furthermore the six nations that qualify for the World Twenty20 in Bangladesh next year will be eligible to receive a grant of US$250,000. Thus Nepal – should they qualify for both World Cups could receive up to US$1.6 million more, on top of their existing ICC and ACC funding, for the next three years.

Nepal recently recieved funding of 175,000$ from ICC  for the High Performance Progarm and 200,000$ from ACC for their good show in the international stage.

With such massive award announced there will be lot more to play for Nepal and all other asociates

Afghanistan Ireland with 2015 World Cup qualification are ensured the 1.35 Millions Dollars.

For cricket Boards that were receiving US$50,000 to US$100,000 each from the ICC and ACC as base sums prior to qualification in any World Cups, the potential benefits are considerable. The move to a more meritocratic funding model based on performance ‘scorecards’ and tournament performance has been evolving for the past five years. With two ICC World Cups due in two consecutive years, as well as the Asia Cup in 2014 the concentration of rewards is substantial. And now, for the first time four ACC members are in line for qualification in both 50-overs and T20 formats thanks to the revamped qualification process for the current cycle of ICC World Cups.


Along with internal funding for successful High Performance countries within the ACC and ICC, external sponsorship opportunities will inevitably materialise. Cricket at all levels across the successful nations will benefit if development is managed
well by the successful Boards. Millions to create thousands of new cricketers would be one of many fine results.

Afghanistan and Ireland are the two Associates who have already qualified for World Cup 2015.

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