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´Pitch ready´ for ACC Twenty20

Ajay Pandey, Curator of the TU Cricket Ground, said that four pitches are ready for the ACC Twenty20 Cup.

The TU Ground will host the opener as well as the semifinal and final matches of the tournament.

“I´ve prepared center wicket for the final and opening matches,” said Pandey. “I´ve tried to provide flat wicket as the beauty of T20 tournament lies in the runs scored,” he added.

The TU Ground is considered as a low-scoring and spin-friendly wicket but Pandey is hopeful that teams will be able to score runs this time around.

“Run-scoring depends on the batting. A team can chase around 160 runs on this ground,” said Pandey.

According to Pandey, the center wicket has a bit more grass and can help fast bowlers. “As we are preparing center wicket for the final, we should leave the grass for maintaining moisture,” said Pandey.

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