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Rohit Paudel reveals an interesting sledging moment against him

Nepal national cricket team captain Rohit Paudel has revealed an interesting sledging moment against him in his recent interview. In an interview with Binod Pandey – Kantipur’s Sports Bureau Chief, skipper Rohit opened up about a funny sledging moment by USA’s speedster against him.

Paudel stated that a particular US Pacer consistently came to him and exchanged words. When Pandey inquired further, Paudel confirmed that the individual in question was, indeed, Ali Khan.

“During a CWC League 2 series in the USA, Ali Khan engaged in sledging throughout our encounter, taunting with the words ‘hit me if you can’. He came to me almost every ball, exchanged few words and was intimidating with an intense stare”, Paudel said. I handled the situation with composure and responded, “I love your eyes.” Interestingly, after that exchange, he stopped approaching me.

When questioned about the other Nepalese players confronting similar situations, Rohit replied, “I believe we are all well-prepared for such occurrences. It has become a common aspect of modern-day cricket. Sledging is a part of the game, and it ultimately depends on each player’s ability to handle it.”

“No big teams give away easily. We also don’t give a batter to settle down easily, which will affect our own team. This strategy not only puts pressure on the opposition but also has an impact on our own team. Through sledging, we aim to make the opposing player feel uneasy, potentially resulting in them playing rash shots and ultimately leading to their dismissal”, Rohit added.