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SAAF to Organize School Cricket Series

Kathmandu-Students Athletic Activities Foundation(SAAF), a NGO registered in Kathmandu by Nepalese youth abroad is set to host School Cricket Serie (SCS) around English new year.. The 8 team event scheduled for 30th December to 12th January will be played in Army School Ground, Bhaktapur.

SAAF is a non profit organization which plans to instill life skills in students through sports. “Our purpose is to provide fair and safe opportunities for students to compete on the playing field in an equitable and sportsmanlike manner, and to integrate competitive athletic activities into education, so that the educational experience of the student is paramount”, reads SAAF’s press release regarding the SCS.

“After being familiar with the structure and culture of sports in US, particular at High School and University level we decided to create something similar in Nepal”, said Harsh Kandoi, the tournament coordinator and one of the initiators of SAAF to Cricnepal.

“Sports provides an environment which fosters discipline, time management, teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship among student athletes because of the effect that sports has in their everyday life. Competitive sports needs to be integrated with academics in Nepal, and this is our way of contributing towards it” added Harsh.

“I was very much into cricket in my school and college days in Nepal. Students should have plenty of opportunities to compete on the field so that their educational experience is supreme. ” Harsh explained his motivation in organizing school cricket series.

The 20 over tournament will see 27 matches played in a league/double elimination  format intended to provide maximum opportunity to the participating teams. According to the press release all matches will be updated live on famous cricket scoring website :

“We are focused on the School Cricket Series currently, but after its completion we would definitely love to reach higher levels and  host other sports”, informed Harsh.