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Sompal Kami and Dipendra Singh Airee unpicked in LPL auction

Sompal Kami and Dipendra Singh Airee went unpicked in the Lanka Premier League (LPL) 2024 auction. LPL is Sri Lanka’s franchise T20 League.

Nepal’s two superstar cricketers – Dipendra Singh Airee and Sompal Kami were on the auction list but went unpicked. They were the only two Nepalese players on the auction list.

Out of the 420 players in the auction, 154 were Sri Lankan and the remainder were from overseas. Neither of the two Nepalese players’ names appeared in the initial round, and they also received no bids during the acceleration round.

There were 18 initial rounds, each focusing on various talent options, including batters, all-rounders, fast and spin bowlers, and wicketkeepers. These rounds were divided into segments based on criteria like capped batters and uncapped batters. After the 18 rounds, the auction moved into the acceleration round(s).

In the Lankan Premier League, five teams compete, and each team can have a squad of up to 24 players (minimum 20), including six foreign players. This limitation was a key reason why many international superstars remained unsold in the auction.