U-19 National Cricket Tournament from Thursday

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Cricnepal/Kathmandu: Wai Wai Under 19 National Cricket Tournament is scheduled to kick off in Pokhara from Thursday with the host Pokhara taking on Region Number 7, Janakpur. Eight regions have been divided into two groups.

Group A comprises of Region Number 7 Janakpur, Region Number 8 Pokhara, Region Number 2 Birgunj and Region Number 4 Bhairahawa while Region Number 1 Biratnagar, Region Number 5 Nepalgunj, Region Number 3 Kathmandu and Region Number 6 Baitadi have been placed in group B.

Top two teams from each group will progress to semi final.

One match will be played per day at Rangashala Ground.



Date Fixture
069.10.18 R-7(Janakpur) Vs R-8(Pokhara)
069.10.19 R-2(Birgunj) Vs R-4(Bhairahwa)
069.10.20 R-4(Bhairahwa) Vs R-7(Janakpur)
069.10.21 R-8(Pokhara) Vs R-2(Birgunj)
069.10.22 R-2(Birgunj) Vs R-7(Janakpur)
069.10.23 R-4(Bhairahwa) Vs R-8(Pokhara)
069.10.24 R-1(Biratnagar) Vs R-5(Nepalgunj)
069.10.25 R-3(Kathmandu) Vs R-1(Biratnagar)
069.10.26 R-5(Nepalgunj) Vs R-6(Baitadi)
069.10.27 R-6(Baitadi) Vs R-3(Kathmandu)
069.10.28 R-3(Kathmandu) Vs R-5(Nepalgunj)
069.10.29 R-1(Biratnagar) Vs R-6(Baitadi)
069.11.01 SF 1(A1 Vs B2)
069.11.02 SF2 (B1 Vs A2)
069.11.03 Final
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