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Kathmandu/Cricnepal: Paras Khadka, national cricket team captain plays for Ontario Cricket Academy and Club in Canada. We provide you every updates from Canada and let you find the performance of our skipper.

Below is the report on Paras’s performance for each match.

Against Result Batting Figure Bowling Figure
Brampton Masters Tranzac C. C. Lost by 65 runs 7 6-0-14-0
St. Edmunds C.C. Won by 71 runs 3 4-0-13-1
Malton C.C Won by 7 wkts 36* DNB
Toronto Salmiya C.C. Rain Out
Civics C.C. Won by 9 runs 32 5-0-9-0
Vikings C.C Won by 3 wkts 49(6s-2, 4s-5) 8-0-18-1
Toronto Salmiya C.C.(2nd Division) Won by 4 wkts 50 8-0-13-2
Civics C.C.(2nd Division) Won by 110 runs 0 3-0-7-1
Ghaznavi C.C 2A (2nd Division) Won by 4 wkts 26(4s-5) DNB
Mississauga Ramblers C.C. Won by 6 Wkts 36 2-0-4-2
Toronto Salmiya C.C. Won by 4 wkts 17 7-0-23-1
Mississauga Ramblers C.C. Lost by 15 runs 98(4s-10) 10-0-24-3
Brampton Masters Tranzac C. C. Won by 5 wkts 20 n.o.  1-0-4-0
Civics C.C. Won by 5 wkts 29 n.o. 3-0-10-1
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