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Who is Bhawana Ghimire?


Cricket Association of Nepal(CAN) appointed Bhawana Ghimire as Chief Executive Officer(CEO) and Prakash Maharjan as the finance manager yesterday, through a board meeting. The duo will start their responsibility from October 18. They will be pocketing a healthy salary of  Rs. 75,000, for the CEO and Rs. 50,000 for the finance manager per month. A s per the initial agreement, they will be holding their post for six months.

Cricket Association of Nepal(CAN), which is, till now a volunteering organisation is expected to run professionally after the appointment of CEO and finance manager. It won’t be an easy task for Ghimire to hold an important position in a controversy-laden organisation. She needs support from everyone to run CAN properly.

Who is Bhawana Ghimire?

Bhawana Ghimire, 31, is a native from Argakhachi, Nepal. She is the first CEO of Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN). She is an MBA graduate from University of Wales and has worked for international firms in the past. She has worked in the Punjab International Bank of the United Kingdom. She also has the experience of having worked in a Asset and Wealth Management Company in Kuwait and a Sport Management Company in Bahrain.

What will Bhawana Ghimire be responsible for?

As the Chief Executive Officer of an sporting body, firstly, Ghimire will be responsible for the promotion, development and organisation of cricket in Nepal. She will be the one who will be negotiating with the sponsors and for television rights. She will have to make clear plans and polices in order to lure more sponsorship and corporate support.

She will have to work to gain significant returns in cricket’s governance and financial model. She will running administration of cricket in Nepal. She will have to maintain a good relationship with International Cricket Council(ICC) and Cricket Board of other countries as well. Overall, she will have to bring professionalism in the field of cricket in Nepal.