Whom to blame: Fans or CAN?

Just opened a laptop, made a connection to the internet, opened the Facebook Account, and on scrolling down the page, found the news that ICC Division Four is not going to held in Nepal. It’s bad news for every cricket lover in this country.

The ACC (Asian Cricket Council) had already published the tournaments that are going to be organized this year. ACC also has not given to host an international tournament and now so ICC. The disturbance of the crowd is the main issue for hosting international tournaments here in Nepal. In ICC Division Five, Nepal was almost going to be defeated against the USA and crowd showed the angriness by throwing stones in the field. And almost after one year in ACC T-20 Tournament again it happened. Then it was quite sure for me to think about the end of the international cricket in Nepal.

Everyone will get furious when their team loses the match. Obviously, if I were a fan out there watching the match can fire with stone if they are available in the ground because of angriness. That is what comes out when you are watching live in the ground. We can see it in international cricket sometimes. I still can remember when India was going to be defeated by a huge margin against Pakistan. The crowd was so much fired that they threw plastic bottles in the ground and the game was stopped for 10-15 min. Rahul Dravid had to walk to the fans and tell them to stop those things. This is just an example that I have given to clarify that fans can go with the last limit but there should be proper management to stop those things.

We know that stones are so much familiar in the Tribhuwan International Ground. I am still thinking that if that kind of incident happened in ICC division five then why Cricket Association of Nepal is not going to work out so that it does not happen in the future. Aren’t they thinking to do better and learn from what they have seen? In ACC T-20 Tournament, I and Chief Operation Officer Rajesh K.C. were inspecting the ground. When we talked to the official of CAN then they were quite sure that there is no stone available in the ground and we walked to the fans area and found a lot of stones and we did pick them too. This is something I have clearly seen in the working criteria of CAN or dividing the role of each official is so vulnerable.

Again after the incident of ACC T-20, the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) must have been thinking of some alternatives towards that incident. If they were thinking of that sort of alternative then I am sure that ICC Division Four could have been hosted by Nepal. They don’t have an agenda to work. Shouldn’t they work after the incident and start working and try to finish it up. If you have heard that the USA will not host the tournament then shouldn’t they approach to grab it knowing that we don’t have any international tournament this year. I am so worried about the working capabilities of CAN. There are so many new changes seen in the administration of CAN but still, they are the same as before.

(Ashique is the public relation officer at Cricnepal and a student of Bachelors in Multimedia Technology at London Metropolitan University, UK)