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ARNA announces cash prize for Nepal’s cricket team 

Alcohol brand – Arna Beer has confirmed to felicitate the Nepal national cricket team’s squad to compete in the Asia Cup 2023 with a cash prize. Nepal featured in the Asia Cup for the first time and played against World Cricket giants India and Pakistan.

Arna Beer made the announcement on their official Facebook page, stating that they would award one lakh rupees each to Kushal Malla and Gulshan Jha for hitting one each six, and one lakh rupees to Sompal Kami for achieving the highest number of wickets.

Before the historic first ODI match with India, ARNA Beer once again took on their official Facebook to post about the reward they will distribute. They announced to give NRS One Lakh for every SIX runs hit by the batters. Similarly, the Bowlers would get NRS One Lakh for every wicket taken. Meanwhile, NRS Twenty-five thousand for every FOUR runs hit.

After the conclusion of a match, they posted the total amount of reward to the players. The reward looks like this:

  • Kushal Bhurtel – 2,75,000 for three fours and two sixes.
  • Sompal Kami – 2,25,000 for one four and two sixes.
  • Aasif Sheikh – 2,00,000 for eight fours.
  • Gulshan Jha – 75,000 for three fours.
  • Dipendra Singh Airee – 75,000 for three fours.

Furthermore, on Thursday, Arna Beer announced that, in addition to the previously mentioned players, every single member of the squad would be recognized and honoured.

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Nepal faced a massive 238-run defeat against Pakistan in the Asia Cup Opener after being bowed out for a mere 104 runs. They batted well and scored 230 runs against India. However, Indian batters were good enough to chase the revised DLS target of 147 runs without losing the wicket.

The whole cricketing world praised the young Nepal team and the passion of the fans.