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Game-Changer in Karnali: A New Cricket Haven Takes Root

Hey there, sports enthusiasts! Exciting news is making waves in the heart of Nepal as Karnali province lays the foundation stone for its very first cricket ground. Imagine the thrill as the cricketing spirit is set to soar in this region, bringing forth a wave of opportunities for budding players and cricket lovers alike!

The Birth of a Cricket Oasis in Karnali

In a groundbreaking move, an agreement was inked on November 15, 2080, marking the commencement of the construction of a state-of-the-art cricket ground in Kalinchok, Birendranagar. The responsibility of this monumental project has been shouldered by none other than KPDD Construction Surkhet.

Addressing a Critical Need

Karnali has long grappled with the scarcity of playing fields, leaving aspiring players without a dedicated space for practice. This dearth of facilities posed a significant challenge for those aiming to participate in national and international sports competitions. With the 10th National Sports Tournament slated to be held in Karnali, the need for a dedicated cricket ground became more pressing than ever.

The Blueprint of Success: What to Expect

The ambitious project, estimated at a cost of 73 lakh 18 thousand, includes the construction of the cricket pitch, soil cutting for channel creation, labeling, ground laying, and the essential touch of greenery. Bishwamitra Sartya, the Member Secretary of Karnali Parishad, shared insights into the project’s scope and emphasized its potential impact on sports development.

Unveiling the Dream: Chief Minister Sharma’s Vision

Monday saw the charismatic Chief Minister of Karnali State Government, Rajkumar Sharma, kick-starting the construction work at Kalinchok in Birendranagar. His vision extends beyond the physical infrastructure – he dreams of hosting a national-level cricket tournament once the ground is ready.

Chief Minister Sharma remarked, “Karnali is on the rise in the sports sector. We’ve embraced sports as a cornerstone of Karnali’s prosperity. The game field and structure are witnessing a remarkable transformation, and our players are gearing up to make a mark on the national stage.”

A Call to Action: Karnali’s Sporting Ascent

Bishwamitra Sanjyal, Member Secretary of Karnali Province Sports Development Council, outlined the comprehensive approach being taken to propel sports development in the region. With a focus on infrastructure, training, competitions, incentives, and awards, Karnali aims to carve a golden future for its sports enthusiasts.

Player’s Perspective: Karishma Shahi’s Plea

National women’s cricket player of Karnali Province, Karishma Shahi, added her voice to the conversation, urging authorities to emphasize both physical infrastructure development and player encouragement. She stressed that a singular tournament each year might not be sufficient and advocated for more frequent events to foster player growth.

Incentivizing Excellence

As a token of encouragement, a generous incentive of 1 lakh rupees was awarded to players during the program, underscoring the commitment to recognizing and rewarding excellence in sports.

Conclusion: A Promising Tomorrow for Karnali

In the cold waters of Karnali, a new era is dawning – an era marked by cricketing prowess and a commitment to sports development. As the cricket ground takes shape in Kalinchok, we eagerly await the day Karnali rises above all, creating a lasting national identity through the spirit of sportsmanship.

Get ready, Karnali – your cricketing journey is about to hit a six out of the park!