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Siddharth Stadium gears up for PM Cup with major upgrades


Cricket fans, mark your calendars because Siddharth Stadium is buzzing with excitement as it gets all set for the Prime Minister’s Cup men’s national cricket tournament on the 27th of Poush this year.

Here’s the scoop: The stadium is going through some major upgrades. They’re not just maintaining the pitches; they’ve added a brand-new one to make it five in total! The ground is getting a makeover with fresh paint, new nets, and even a special practice area for the teams. They’re turning the place into a cricket paradise.

Hari Bahadur Thapa, the head honcho at Rupandehi Cricket Association, spilled the beans on the preparations. They’re not just stopping at cricket – they’re creating a cool spot for sightseeing and even an academic pitch. Imagine playing cricket and enjoying the scenery!

And guess what? The ground is massive, covering about 3 bighas. They’re working hard to make sure the surface is perfect – filling in holes with sand, trimming the grass, and making everything just right. It’s like a green makeover for the cricket field!

They’re putting in a good chunk of money, around 3 lakh rupees, to make sure everything looks spick and span. Siddharth Stadium is super proud to be hosting the Prime Minister’s Cup, thanks to the National Sports Council and the Nepal Cricket Association.

Now, let’s talk about the tournament. It’s a big deal, featuring 10 teams, including 7 provincial teams and 3 departmental teams. They’re going for a round-robin league format, meaning lots of matches and loads of excitement. Some of the games will even take place at Bhairahawa Cricket Ground.

The head of Nepal Cricket Association, Chatur Bahadur Chand, is dreaming big. He sees Siddharth Stadium becoming Nepal’s third international cricket stadium! Starting with the Prime Minister’s Cup, they’re aiming to host more international tournaments. Talk about aiming high!

Before the Prime Minister’s Cup kicks off, the stadium is getting some special attention. Two curators and two ground staff armed with tools are making sure everything is in top shape. They’re even prepping for potential teams, arranging accommodation and food. The word is that six teams might join the fun.

And here’s a cool part: Siddharth Stadium is not just focusing on cricket. They’re teaming up with Siddhartarth Nagar Municipality to prep the ground for more than just matches. It’s like they’re turning it into a cricket destination, and who knows, it might even become a big deal in international cricket.

So, get ready for cricket madness at Siddharth Stadium – it’s not just a tournament; it’s the beginning of something big for cricket in Nepal!

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