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Dhungana appointed as new General Manager of Cricket Association of Nepal

Cricket Association of Nepal

Cricket Association of Nepal has appointed Utsav Dhungana as a new General Manager of the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) after the position was vacated for six months.

CAN announced the appointment of a new GM via the Social Media on Monday.

Dhungana was appointed by CAN after interviewing a short list from a total of 68 applications. Out of the total, only seven candidates were invited for interviews, and he was chosen from among them.

Dhungana is the Director of Baliyo Nepal Nutrition Initiative. Baliyo Nepal is sponsoring well in cricket and is working at the grassroots of Nepal Cricket.

The position of General Manager has been empty for the past six months following the resignation of Britant Khanal. Khanal was appointed in March 2022 after the one-year tenure of Raunak Malla. Both Malla and Khanal faced significant criticism for their inability to effectively carry out their duties.

The GM’s primary task will be to actively seek and secure significant sponsorships for CAN.